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Stoptober" campaign

    “stoptober " Campaign, organized by British National Health Service AssociationNHS), aims to encourage smokers to quick smoking. In the campaign, Shenzhen Y&Q Electronic Co., Ltd offeres a special smoking cessation program that some Mlife e-cigarettes products would be recommended to the participants to help quit smoking.

     Statistics indicates that this campaign is a success that many smokers have changed from traditional tobacco smoke to e-cigarette. A large of research data shows that e-cigarette is safer than traditional tobacco smoke, and is usually the first choice for those smokers who intend to quit smoking. Because of this, the campaign requires the participants to use e-cigarette to simulate the action of smoking, which can help the smokers transfer smoothly from smokers to non-smokers.

     Senator Mark, chairman of APPG, said that the public health information on E-cigarette as electronic smoke to stop smoking is not widely known among 7.6 million smokers in Britain. The public health campaign is a good try, it has a remarkable effect. But this campaign should be held continuously, and not at once.

     That’s why we call on the government to ensure the normally and continuously held campaign. Therefore, the British government can be able to fully take advantage of the public health campaign to advocate use e-cigarette to help quit smoking.

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